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Vacuum cupping, reflexology, Gau Sha and more

I am now certified in Vacuum Cupping and foot reflexology. Add the two together with jade Gau Sha tools for the ultimate foot massage.

Ultimate Foot Massage:

  1. After removing shoes and socks, you will dip feet in relaxing warm solution of Epsom Salts and Baking Soda.
  2. After I dry the feet you will lay down on the table and receive the Ultimate Foot Massage
  3. Hot Oil massage add an essential oil for 5$
  4. Hot Stones soothes away tired area’s
  5. Vacuum cupping reflexology spots for added health benefits
  6. Strip away any remaining tension with Gau Sha tools
  7. Hot towel meditation
  8. Finish with firm compression.
  9. Reiki seals the deal
  10. Heavenly feet walk away on Pillows

Book your sessions today and I will discount your first session and your second session after you tell 3 friends.

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