Prairie Village Massage Therapy and Reiki

September Hello!

One day Labor Day Sale.

  • make up to 3 appointments at Summer prices for Energy Massages. Cancellations and no shows negate the offer.
  • Buy 5 or more at the Summer price for Energy Massages. Make your appointments online today or Monday and pay the next time you come in for an appointment. Regular prices go up after midnight Sept 4th. Savings of $15 per appointment.

I am really excited about and I just joined a company with a $40 Million Biotechnology. Come to my Meetups to hear about this company and what it will do for your Health first and then your Wealth. Learn more: “Nrf2 activation is the most extraordinary therapeutic and preventive breakthrough in the history of medicine. “
Washington State University

My Meetups will be swinging into action also. I love meeting people and helping them. Do you? Maybe you know someone who loves to get their Wellness message out.

yours in Wellness

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