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I have been taking Protandim for months now and am feeling healthier, sleeping better, more focused and taking charge of my own Well-Being.

I am posting this to encourage you to keep taking Protandim Nrf2 for at least 4 months to get the best results and benefits and if you are thinking of taking Protandim Nrf2.

For optimal results taking Protandim with these Pro tips.

  • Protandim is a proprietary blend that works best alone. Because it’s synergistically formulated, its important to not drink green tea or ingest anything with the same ingredients with-in 4-6 hours.
  • Take Protandim with Fat such as coconut oil, fish oil or optimally at your largest meal of the day.
  • For better absorption, cut in half and swallow both halves.
  • Take 2 a day, when in severe pain, take 7 hours apart for 10 days.

PROTANDIM Ingredients:

Milk thistle extract
Bacopa extract
Ashwagandha root powder
Green tea extract
Turmeric Extract

Reduces oxidative stress by 40% in 30 days.

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please consider these tips to take care of yourself. and please share with your network of family, friends and co-workers. 🙁 even with your boss): 🙂

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