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Taking care of oneself is a process we all struggle with daily because of injury or monthly issues that are chronic and last longer than they should. Hello, and Welcome to my Blog I'm Tom Wolford, president and COE (chief officer of everything Wolford Clinic. I hope to relate my 15 plus years as a Massage Therapist, Lightworker, meditator, Reiki Master expericence in a informative and sometime funny way so you may learn from and enjoy. you can find post on Instagram and Facebook just search for Wolford Clinic and have fun with past post on these platforms.

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I signed up for a Door to Silence mini-retreat about 23 years ago with Tom Jacobs (timbercreekretreat.org/tag/tom-jacobs/) to learn how to meditate, he gave us the four R's, I've added a 5th. I focu

Keep moving is what I've told my clients for years. When we allow our bodies to stagnant our bodies will succumb to stiffness, lethargy, boredom. Then after a while our bodies acquire adhesion's whe

Day 2 A day or night doesn't go by without me applying Reiki either to my life, a client, family member, dog, cat or plant. After being attuned to Reiki back in the fall of 2004 I committed myself to