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WC news and Tai Chi in the park.

Hi everyone, I am happy to say that this Sunday Tai Chi in the park was a success although it was a tad chilly we still had a good practice. Today I went over some basic drills working on balance and refining of the Chen form. Yes, it will be warmer next week and I plan on hosting Tai Chi in the Park every Sunday. If you are interested please let me know if you plan on coming via E-mail or text with the subject line "tai chi in the park" I think it would be fun to have a little brunch afterwards so bring some love offerings to get it going. Love offerings can be cash, food or drink. I planned on bringing Blu down to the park but I just wasn't up to that today. Blu is my Wolford Clinic greeter as some of you might know. If you are serious about learning more about Tai Chi and practicing its benefits please get in touch with me, Tom Wolford, Sensei at AMA Prairie Village, KS.

(AMA is not affiliated with Tai Chi in the Park)

I have chosen the term "light-worker" to describe my on going practice at the Wolford Clinic. Reiki is my foundation as I know of many other modalities using Source or Life Force Energy. I became aware of my abilities slowly but it started with a Bang. In meditation one mid-morning in my office I sat breathing slowly and mindfully. I felt in my heart a bubbling energy generating out of my chest and then my entire body was surrounded by this loving presence that enveloped me with 360 degrees of compressed unconditional love and awareness. I felt as if I was in the middle of a snow globe that had been shook and all the swirling flakes were emotions of love, anger, fear, happiness and joy all at the same time. So, I was crying and laughing at the same time. I lost track of time but I believe I was in this state of bliss for an hour. For several weeks afterwards whenever I sat in meditation I would regain this state but for only 5 or ten minutes. I am forever grateful for this experience. I searched for the meaning asking my spiritual friends and mentors, yet no one could explain it to me. Until I spent a week in Iowa visiting my parents and as I sat in boredom one day watching the snow come down in Iowa blizzard fashion I started to look for something to read or listen to. I picked up the first audio cassette and played it in my Walkman, remember those? As I am listening to the tape which I had not ever looked at to see what I would be listening to. So, as I play the tape and listen to the narrator I suddenly realized he is describing my experience as if he was there at the time. I stop the tape and look at the title on the front flap of the audio book which read "Baptism by the Holy Spirit" Keep meditating, do not stop. You must keep going and searching and you will find your true self and bliss that is always and forever with you.

Please share as I know there are individuals that have had these types of experiences. You are not crazy. Make your energy work appointment soon to awaken to your highest potential and to discover your purpose in life like I did. Blessing be, Ya'll.

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