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Its official I'm teaching Tai Chi.

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

I have been asked to teach Tai Chi and Martial Arts at Aplomb Martial Arts in Prairie Village starting around September of 2022. Keeping my mind and body engaged in Tai Chi and Kempo I have been taking instruction from the Aplomb Martial Arts instructor classes, weekly every Tuesday evening. Sharing a common goal with other enthusiastic students makes it more enjoyable and I am seeing it paying off in my life as well and you'll find that you will reach your goals much faster. Exactly how is yet to be determined. Stay tuned and get out there and move!

Being a student of Tai Chi has taught me three valuable lessons about myself. Patience, Discipline and Balance.

  • Patience

  • I thought I was a patient person until I tried Tai Chi. Slow methodical movements requiring stamina and focus helped me find a balanced mind.

  • Discipline

  • I thought I was a disciplined person until I started taking lessons. Because I was paying for my Tai Chi practice I became more disciplined and began practicing when I was working, playing, walking the dog and whenever I had time, outside or inside the dojo.

  • Balance

  • Shifting weight and standing on one leg taught me to use my inner core muscles. Not only did I find my physical balance but Mental balance as well.

I’ve been taking Tai Chi lessons for approximately 5 years and find it so beneficial in all aspects of my life and you will too. I encourage young and old to take up this ancient practice and marvelous way to improve your life. Especially if you are stuck in a rut and want something better for yourself and family. And now its official, I have reinvented myself.

To learn more about Aplomb and what they have to help you stay fit and learn self-defense check out this link below:

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