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Tai Chi is energy moving

Keep moving is what I've told my clients for years. When we allow our bodies to stagnant our bodies will succumb to stiffness, lethargy, boredom. Then after a while our bodies acquire adhesion's where our connective tissue grabs and glues itself together. Our muscles then do not work efficiently requiring more energy to move. You might have felt a stickiness as the muscles try to break free. Our brain then senses pain to make us aware that we must take care of the situation and not ignore the issue. Our bodies will just accept what we think, so if you are ignoring the stiffness or lack of motion in your body the brain sends pain to the area most likely requiring our attention. Massage therapy and other modalities, ie: Reiki, acupressure, acupuncture, chiropractic care will retrain your muscles and connective tissue, freeing up what the body is willing to let go. Keep moving never stop and ignore what your body needs to be efficient and able to perform the easiest or hardest movements. Your brain will recognize your efforts and the cycle of pain will decrease. Thus you feel better, smile more and the ease of life is yours to expand and improve.

Tai Chi is my favorite exercise to be free of stiffness and boredom. Tai Chi is energy moving in and around the body. Tai Chi has improved my concentration, discipline, patience and mobility. In about three months I will be able to teach Tai Chi. I hope to see you in the dojo for a free Tai Chi class with instructor Sensei Emily this summer. Its only an hour but you wont regret it. My first month I freed up a stubborn adhesion in my left shoulder with stretches and movement. The pain and stiffness had plagued me for years even after seeing lots massage therapist, chiropractors and acupuncturist and my own self care. I should say there were other variables included in my recovery such as visiting other professionals that kept me moving but did not fix the situation. So, Tai Chi was the last piece in the puzzle and it was because I was moving and asking my body to free up its hold on me. There might be another exercise you enjoy and can benefit from also. I just found that Tai Chi was right for me and I feel much better. Sign up for a free class somewhere doing something especially if you are stuck behind a desk all day. Ask me for my dojo's address and the dates and times to come in for a free class.

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