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Reiki my Mind and steady my Soul.

Day 2

A day or night doesn't go by without me applying Reiki either to my life, a client, family member, dog, cat or plant. After being attuned to Reiki back in the fall of 2004 I committed myself to use this marvelous energy that is within us all everyday in one form or another. Reiki has indeed changed me for the better and enhances all that I am being and doing.

But I work backwards in my life. I believe through meditation back in the year 2000, I woke up knowing I had an incredible life force energy within my heart and was able to free it into my existence here. Unlike anything I ever experience in one instant I was transformed and gained knowledge and a connection to the Ultimate Source, God, Creator call it what you will. Suddenly all the people in my life meant more to me as teachers and masters guiding me towards a clearer vision of who I was and who I was being. It was confusing and hard to explain so I have kept it to myself and only now and again letting people in my life know my experience as it became clearer to me. Later, Reiki only enhanced and helped me find my true self and helped me understand this awakening I had experienced, other experiences followed. Do you need a steady hand in life? Reiki is a tool you can learn to use yourself or let yourself experience the love and light that is Reiki. It helps Steady my Soul.

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