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Meditation & Mindfulness

I signed up for a Door to Silence mini-retreat about 23 years ago with Tom Jacobs ( to learn how to meditate, he gave us the four R's, I've added a 5th. I focused on meditating at least for 5 minutes a day for about 2 months, which became 12 minutes which then became, 30, 45 and 60 minutes. The longest I have meditated is about 2 hours or a little bit more. If i missed a day or even a week the longing for a peaceful heart and mind through meditation would bring me back to the practice.

Meditation for myself is like a runner or jogger that might have missed a few days exercising and feels that yearning to get back to that space of transcendence.

I have learned so many wonderful things about mySelf, solved many problems and many questions have been answered. Meditation also gave me a deeper understanding of others and how to care for the people in my life and so many more everyday things I took for granted. Meditation taught me to love myself and love others more deeply. I started to read more and more about spirituality and improving ones Self and how the small ego likes to cause a certain level of benevolent chaos. Tom Jacobs says you will find Marvelous Mystery's and Miserable Mystery's in your daily meditations. I struggle at times but eventually I learned to listen to the stillness in between it all. I learned that to go within is to go without and to go within you will project out your love and joy to everyone and everything.

Everything is Meditation, but to realize this one must meditate. Make it real for you and you will find loving awareness is second nature and a freedom you've always have had.

I offer a short meditation class, easy to understand and not as expensive as a trip to India where you might find yourself sweeping floors and praying in a cave, unless that is something you desire. Let me help you welcome yourself to your real purpose through meditation.

Be Well and Know All is Well. Blessing BE

text or email Tom for your meditation class.

913 961-8583

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