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Paradoxical Breathing

I have noticed some of my clients breathing shallow and have instructed them to correct it with a real full breath. Here is the clinical reason why.

Paradoxical breathing is a common perpetuating factor. It’s easier to check for correct breathing if you lie on your back on a firm surface with a hand on your belly. As you breathe in, your belly should swell as the abdominal cavity extends after the lungs expand fully. Breathe out and your belly comes back in. When this occurs, it indicates that your respiratory muscles are relatively flexible. They can expand to accommodate the air you need and expel residual air. If your belly is going in as the breath is coming in, and out as the breath goes out, it’s called paradoxical breathing. This includes mouth breathing, and is inefficient and shallow, and usually indicates that your body isn’t getting the oxygen it needs.

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