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October / November WC news

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Community Sessions Update

For years I have been blessed with the opportunity to financially assist my clients well-being and care. I have been fortunate to be able to provide the Community Sessions groups with ninety-minute sessions at a reduced rate.  However, added financial responsibilities with my business and my family, I am unable to continue providing reduced rates during all business hours.

After December 31st of 2019, the one hour and the ninety-minute Community Sessions will no longer be available after 5 PM. Community Sessions will still be available but are limited to certain days and times. Community Sessions are divided into five groups: seniors, students, people with disabilities, single parents and veterans. Please feel free to communicate with me if you have questions or if your circumstances makes it impossible to come in for your session after 5 PM. I will continue to do my best to support and accommodate all that fall under the Community Sessions categories as best I can.

Picking the right type of massage for you! 

If you are wanting to just relax then choose an Energy Massage with Reiki. This type of massage will release blocks stuck in your mental, emotional or spiritual bodies. With a Reiki massage you will experience hands on massage during your session. If you are looking for pain and tension relief then choose Energy Massage with Deep Tissue.  I personalize massages to the individual using a variety of tools and techniques that are customized to your situation and circumstances. All personal communication and client information is kept confidential.  

I do my best, however I am not always able to block time on my online scheduler after a session. I often use this time to talk, demonstrate stretches and clean up before my next client arrives. I offer online scheduling to everyone as we all find it easier and more efficient. However, when you make an appointment online try to honor the time of the client before you. Be aware when you arrive I take a few minutes to finish with my other client and make sure my space is prepared for your session.

Toms tips and tricks to relax

and de-stress. I have seeing more and more clients who come in feeling they are unable to cope with day to day life/work. So, I wanted to give some tips you can use in your day to day life to help with stresses and worries.

  • Take a moment for yourself. Make conscious choice to relax, smile, and laugh. If you are able take some time off work!  

  • Meditate – sometimes if you stop to listen, you’ll find the answer was right there inside you. If you struggle or have never tried meditation I teach simple mediation for everyone.  Keep moving, your body wants to relieve stress through movement. I noticed in my Tai Chi class through thoughtful and deliberate movement I was able to free up a chronic shoulder impingement I had dealt with for years.

  • Practice mindfulness. Be present with your child emotionally, physically, and mentally. Read a book together or play a silly game.

  • Eating a healthy diet has been proven to reduce the negative effects of stress on your body and can eventually lead to reduced stress levels. A great way to start is to cut sugar out of your diet.

Four ways to improve your Massage Experience! 

  • Get ready beforehand by taking shower exfoliating with a loofah or back scrubber.

  • Arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to start your session on time.

  • If you feel pain take a deep breath, this will let the therapist know if they go any deeper you are going to scream. Do not scream, it's bad for business.


  • Limit your conversation, although I love to talk, I often say to my clients “I'm a man, and most men can only do one thing competently at a time." 

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Client Corner: 

I meet a lot of interesting and talented people through my business every day.  I want to share their experience and expertise so my other clients can benefit from them. Audra McMahon CMPS CDLP, the founder of the Option29, is one of those people! Here is some information about Option29 a company Audra started after seeing people in need in our community.   Are you or someone you love transitioning through a divorce? 

Check out Option 29. This local company provides assistance, preparedness, and relief in divorce through personalized coaching, checklists, journals, specific money mindset courses, and walking you through the process of divorce for clients that

want a “do it themselves divorce.”  

The most important thing to remember in divorce is that  you are not alone.

Click the link below to check out their website.


Call: 913-553-0043     Email: option29.o29@gmail.comOption 29 

The Holidays are almost upon us! 

You can buy gift certificates at a discount when you make an appointment between now and January 3rd.  Certificates are available only here at the Wolford Clinic and also online; Discount offer is not available online.

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