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Massage Cupping Trigger Points

I just finished a massage cupping trigger point session with a client experiencing chronic back tightness, spasms and tension. I focused on trigger point work with deep tissue techniques and added massage cupping the trigger points. I added an essential oil known to help with inflamation and pain. I finished the session with some stretches and held them for 20 seconds or more. My client left relaxed and with relief, and they made another appointment for the following week to keep reminding the muscles to relax and not hold tension and inflammation. Our next session will focus on trigger points and stretching and I will do the research necessary for them to get relief at home. One more thing, my client had experienced back spasms after sitting at the computer work station for over 2 hours straight. I have advised them to get up and move around and stretch, every 30 minutes.

Be Well and Know All is Well.

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