Prairie Village Massage Therapy and Reiki

Long distance Healing energy work


Reiki, Quantum Touch and Flowtrition are energy healing modalities I have learned to use over long distances. Tonight I will be working on a client in California. I have been given long distance healing and many times have given long distance healings to clients in North America and Europe. I prefer the client to be in a relaxed and comfortable position laying down or sitting although they do not have to.

I believe we are all connected to one another and with intention we are able to send energy to those who are willing to receive. I am either sitting down or laying down on my bio-mat in meditation and concentrating on sending energy-work to the client’s well-being mind, body and soul.

Please schedule a session with me to experience a profound and relaxing session of long distance healing. Choose either Long distance Reiki or Flowtrition with the online scheduler found on my website.

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