Prairie Village Massage Therapy and Reiki

Essential Oils

Talk to Tom the next time you come in for your relaxing experience, about which essential oils are your best choice. There are many benefits to essential oils when combined with massage therapy.  Choose a Essential oil massage from the menu of services to experience the benefits and rewards you’ll receive during and after your session.

Last Spring I had a small accident where I burned my left thumb.  My first thought was “What?, Ouch!!! and I have to work tomorrow” I had Lavender with me and some other essential oils and doused my injury in essential oil.  I do not recommend this technique.  The pain subsided somewhat.  Luckily I was seeing my friend later that day and asked her what she would recommend and to bring it with her.  We met and she gave me just 3 drops Frankincense and the pain instantly vanished, an hour late a couple more drops and I was ready to work the next day “pain free”

I find Patchouli great for inducing sleep.  Frankincense for meditation and energy-work.  Lavender for calming the mind, body and spirit.  Joy, a delightful combination of essential oils by Young Living that lifts the mood and improves a joyful outlook on life.  Balance by Doterra helps me whenever I am a feeling dizzy.

~Tom Wolford

I find both essential oil companies compliment each other and they both have wonderful products that I use in my therapeutic massage sessions and energy-work sessions.


Let Tom know you want the wholesale price and have it ordered.