Prairie Village Massage Therapy and Reiki

Community Sessions

The Wolford Clinic provides much needed relief and relaxation to clients falling under Community Sessions. I combined my special discounted sessions into one heading.

Community Sessions consist of people who fall under the criteria below and will receive a discount for the Wolford Clinic premiere energy massage..

  1. Veterans who have served in the Military.
  2. Students who are either working full-time and taking classes or students part-time or full-time.
  3. Seniors retired and living on a fixed income
  4. People with Disabilities that are on a fixed income
  5. Single Parents with one stream of income, not living with their partner.

Thomas L. Wolford
the Art of Well-Being
913 961-8583

peace be with you, may you be happy, may you be filled with loving kindness and may you be surrounded by unconditional love, now.

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