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My Background

Hi, my name is Thomas Wolford and I am the owner/operator of the Wolford Clinic.  My studio is very quiet and very comfortable.  I have many clients who have come to see me for energy work in my studio, and they love it.  I have been practicing Reiki every day since the autumn of 2004.  If there is anything you want to know please just call, text, email or take a look at my Facebook Page: Wolford Clinic.

My hope is that you will find the Wolford Clinic a friendly and inviting place and feel safe and comfortable while you stay and relax and recuperate from life’s stresses and pains.

I have customized my energy healing sessions to incorporate Reiki with meditation, the Healy and any of my other modalities which will greatly increase the relaxing effect of the session. I believe if the client wants to know what I intuitively pick up from there session they need to ask if they want to know.  I will not offer up my thoughts and feelings until the client ask.  I’ve been to other energy workers that want to express their findings without asking me first. With that said…

Thank you for your patronage and loyalty.

Tom Wolford

LMT, Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner, Certified in Flowtrition and the Healy.

Contact Tom:   — be patient if you leave messages here, I do look at them and respond.

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