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Experience the Art of Well-Being

The Wolford Clinic



Tom Wolford

Certified in Reiki, Quantum Touch and Flowtrition

Tom prides himself in being able to tailor each therapy session to the needs of each client. He pulls from a wide range of training and experience to address each client’s special needs.  My goal is to work with the healing power within you. Make an appointment right now and make the “Art of Well-Being” a habit.

Tai Chi in the Park

Join us for Tai Chi meetings every Sunday at 9AM, Bennett Park, W. 77th St, Prairie Village, KS 66208.

In case of inclement weather, join us at the pavilion at Harmon ParkW 77th Pl &, Delmar St, Prairie Village, KS 66208


A Note About Healing:

Holistic healing is the focus of my methods. My top priority is your well-being. With all the advances in Western medicine, we sometimes forget that the body actually heals itself. Any healing that I do is meant to encourage and restore the balance and conditions needed for the body/mind/spirit to be in a state of wellness rather than dis-ease. Along the wellness path, one method may fit better for you than another. We will work together to find your path.  My goal is to help facilitate the healing that is right for you.

Have you been looking for an excellent
Prairie Village Reiki Practitioner?

Tom Wolford has been practicing Reiki since the fall of 2006 and every day since his attunement.  Below is more information about Reiki, but if you want to talk to the master himself, then call Tom at 913-961-8583 to talk about what a session is like and to book an appointment.  The best way to know if Reiki is for you now is to experience a Reiki session.

The Five Reiki Principles Taught by Dr Usui

Just for today, do not be angry
Just for today, do not worry
Just for today, be grateful
Just for today, work hard
Just for today, be kind to others.

Wolford Clinic Light-Worker

What is a Light-worker? A human being who has realized awakened spirituality.  They may talk and look like normal human beings, but they are far from being usual.

Years of thanks.
Tom has made life a greater joy. His strong, stress relieving, muscle relaxing, stretching massages have been a joy for years. THANK YOU, Tom, for keeping me walking, cycling, golfing and gardening.



Feel The Heal!
Being a newbie to message therapy I wasn’t sure what to expect. Tom is masterful at what he was born to do, incredibly intuitive and insightful and skilled. I cannot thank the universe enough for leading me to his door! Simply amazing! Thank you!


I had the best day of my life (as far back as I can vividly remember) the other day after an energy session from Tom. I had an abundance of self love, joy, and passion. I felt connected to the Universe, with no fear. I am truly grateful for the experience, for the support, and for the growth. Thank you Tom!



For September, I am offering a two for one deal.  Your Reiki appointment will include a Healy frequency bonus.  If you have not tried a Reiki treatment or a Healy session with Tom at the Wolford Clinic then you owe it to yourself to indulge in a life changing experience that will erase past traumas, encourage new healthy perspectives, promote a healing synergy with your whole self.  Tell your partner, significant other, friends and family that they are welcome as well.

Sessions are $90 for an hour,  $110 for ninety minutes and $140 for 2 hours, call it an energy lifestyle make-over.

Please call, text or email Tom with your questions.

913 961-8583

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